WIP Wednesday

So I got 16 rounds of the teddy bear pattern done so far! It’s a great pattern and it’s coming along nicely! I really like this teddy bear and the pattern is pretty easy! I have changed it just a little bit, I’m using an invisible decrease instead of just the normal decreases. There are some great videos on YouTube that explains how to do an invisible decreases if you would like to learn how to do them! Hope you all are having a terrific WIP Wednesday!


Here’s my head and body so far!

Crochet Teddy Bears

So, I have decided to make crochet teddy bears for parents that have lost a pregnancy, had a stillborn child or a baby who has died from SIDS. And since I crochet better than I knit, I went looking for a crochet pattern that would work for this quest! I got lucky because I did a new search on Pinterest and I found this perfect pattern for a small teddy bear that is only 7-8 inches tall! I should be able to get 3 bears out of one skein of decent yarn, like Lion Brand yarn! I have never been a fan of Red Heart Super Saver yarn but I will use it if I don’t have a choice!
I also started up a Facebook page just for my quest called Remember Me Bears! If possible, could any of you take a look at my page and give it a like? I would be so thrilled with that!


These are the bears that I have gotten permission to use in this quest to provide bears for the parents! I really hope that this will catch on and soon there will be Remember Me Bears all across the country! If you would like to donate bears to your local hospital, I’m sure that your gift will be appreciated! You can find the bear pattern on Sharon Ojala’s Blog, amigurumitogo.com or on her YouTube Channel! Good luck with your bears and thanks for reading this!

You’re a Filthy View

This just angers and hurts me in ways that I can’t count!

In this season of caring please join me in helping our fellow man! Remember that Our Lord has said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself!”

Mad Man Knitting

I was just reading an article about a man nearby in Ft. Lauderdale who was arrested for feeding the homeless. Ok. You can read the article here, if you want more info, but I want to get a little closer to something that burned me when I read the comments on the article. You can look at the logistics and legalities and all of that in your own manner of thinking, but it was THE COMMENTS that set me to writing this post.

“the law is not cruel at all.  Just sets some regulation of where you can feed these bums.”

“you can quit your job, eat better than most working people, see any specialist in the healthcare field you need, have dental work done, talk on your free cell phone, put your child in day care while you “look for a job” with the gas card they gave…

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